Who are we?

We are Erik and Fatima, two students who are currently in their last year of "DAM" (cross-platform app development) degree at the "Joan d'Austria" institute. We look forward to continuing learning and are always open to new challenges. During this project, we have learned to use useful tools such as Android Studio, Firebase, Figma, Trello, GitHub, among others. A part from libraries like Glide, android YouTube player, blurry effect and many more.

How was Cat Renat group formed?

It all started with the idea of one of the members wanting to participate in the Wapps contest. By proposing it to the group of classmates we ended up forming a team of four people. We were all very excited and eager at first, but with time, as the app progressed everything got bigger and more complicated, and the project ended up requiring many hours of work. Finally, two of the members decided to leave it for reasons such as lack of time and a lot of work apart from little motivation to continue with the project.


The beggining ·


We started this project with a lot of motivation and desire about four months ago. There were doubts along the way about whether we would be able to carry it out as originally planned, and during the process, we did not always have clear ideas, and we doubted whether we would have enough resources or not.

The idea ·


A brainstorming session was held on what we would like to create and present. There were a lot of undetermined ideas at first and many ended up being discarded, but they all had one thing in common, we wanted to help spread the use of Catalan. After days and days of reflection, we finally decided to make an app about different categories of entertainment. One category for music, another for audiovisuals, followed with games, and finally, literature, for all types of people and for different tastes.

The design ·


Once the concept of the app was decided, we designed it in Figma. A clearly ambitious design with many features despite our little knowledge at the time about Android Studio, but we did not put limits on our imagination and in the end, we were able to make reality what we had originally planned. We've been changing certain ideas or shaping certain sections of the app as we went along, but we can say that we've done our best with the current knowledge. We have no doubt that after some time we will be able to create more and better in less time.

Invested time ·

4 mesos

We spent many hours watching different tutorials and working hard to find solutions. We have also been looking for dependencies to help us, learning about Android Studio classes, and using Firebase to manage all the data in the application as dynamically as possible. Our wish was to be able to implement an API, but with limited Catalan content and so many sections, we found it complicated.

Hardships ·

4 mesos

So in front of this hurdle, we chose to simulate our API using Firebase, upload the data manually, and have the app access this database. We felt that it was the best option to not have static data and to be able to save each user of the application somewhere with their credentials, information, and favorites of each section.

The final result ·


The ambition for the app has led us to dedicate almost all the time available since November, thus reducing the hours for the web, although a lot of effort has also been put into it. Making all the mobile models to show the app, making the screenshots, the editions for the images, the animations, the information of each section. We have done everything with great affection and hope that users will enjoy it as much as we did during the creation process.

How did we organize ourselves?

From the beginning, we wanted to organize ourselves in the most efficient and orderly way possible. We used tools like Trello and GitHub. For each task, we have created in Trello (software to be able to organize and manage projects) a card with the identification code and the corresponding branch in GitHub (a repository hosting service to be able to share and save work). We have been dividing the tasks as we went along, reviewing the branches and work of the other members once completed, putting them all together slowly like pieces of a puzzle.


Tasks done




Days invested


Softwares used

It has been a pleasure to do this project with the help of colleagues in the group. Although some have left, everything has been a learning experience, and we have had a good time. Our goal was to make an app to drive the use of the Catalan language but in a more fun way. That's the reason why we have incorporated songs, images, trailers, links, and we have done everything with great enthusiasm and research.